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I Want To Make A Short Film

A Short Film Written By 50 Cal


Writers for the screen always try to come up with the most innovative idea to entertain and capture the audience’s attention. However, sometimes those ideas don’t always need to be so witty. Sometimes the best ideas for a great story are within everyone’s reach. And that story is what we experience daily, especially those experienced by minorities. The struggles minorities face, whether it’s biased from police, unfair lending practices from banks, to the promotion and job offer pass overs. Minority people feel this the most daily.
Janet James, a screenwriter in her early twenties, experienced racial tension firsthand while visiting a neighborhood in her hometown of Miami, Florida. Janet was thinking about moving to that same part of town then, shortly after, George Floyd got murdered on the streets of Minnesota by a sworn officer to protect and serve citizens. Janet earned her bachelor’s degree in creative writing from the New York Film Academy. She graduated near the top of her class and received numerous awards for her creative story ideas. After graduating college, she developed stories for HBO, Time Warner, and the Discovery Channel. While working for HBO, she met an ambitious director named Kiki Davis. The two filmmakers’ personalities were so far apart that they immediately hit it off and have become best friends ever since. Lately, Janet had struggled with coming up with ideas that move Kiki the way that they did when they first started working together. And Kiki’s filterless mouth doesn’t hesitate to let her know. What Kiki doesn’t know is that Janet has experienced something so profound that she has to get it off her chest, but it’s the very subject Kiki thinks no one is interested. However, Janet sees it if she experiences racial tension and bias, which impacts her life. Other people have experienced something just as shocking, and the story needs to be told rather than swept under the rug. The story that Janet wants to tell unannounced to Kiki is Janet’s own experience with racial injustice in America.


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