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Calvin Bender AKA 50 Cal is the owner and creative director of Alien Invasion Entertainment Films.

We all go through different things in life, and sometimes those things are dramatic, but these traumatic things make us stronger. It's what sets us apart from everyone else. It's also what we sometimes refer to as our story. Everyone has one, it's what makes us unique, and like people, every business has a fantastic story to tell. But how do you tell it? How do you present your company online to potential customers that are engaging and uniquely tell your narrative? That's where we come in. I'm Calvin Bender, AKA 50 Cal, owner of Alien Invasion Entertainment. We specialize in commercial advertising, explicitly targeting the online market. You may ask, but isn't everyone doing that? And the answer is there are many other agencies out there, but what sets us apart is our ability to tell the most engaging and inspiring story, your story, we can tell. With a bachelor of fine arts degree in Creative Writing for Entertainment, I can tell you the ability to tell your story in the best light possible is critical. That's why the story is king. We can accomplish this together.  Here at Alien Invasion Entertainment, we will make sure your companies story unfolds in the best way possible that represents you and what you do uncompromised. Anyone can pick up a camera and press record, but it doesn't mean the best story takes place that represents you and your company in the best way possible. Alien Invasion Entertainment takes your narrative and marries it with video to produce a unique experience that makes you stand out from everyone else. What makes us different is the ability to tell a fantastic story, your story. Call us now to find out how.


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