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智慧信息終端系列產品 水利信息化系統 滴灌管(帶) PVC管材 PE管材 過濾器 噴灌機 配件


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  has the tongue drop hole, drop filters the hole the quantity and an item number compared to conventional drip irrigation tube drop head increasing, reduces in the soil the molecule, tiny is hairy enters the drop head, enhances a drop interior to stop up the performance; Each kind of specification wall thickness 0.3~0.6mm, may 30~40cm lay down below the soil layer surface, after causes the drip irrigation tube to bury reduces the photolysis and the aging, disposable lays down may above the long-term usage 8 years, and may realize fat to the crops root system for the water, for, executes the medicine directly, causes the sludge fertilizer use factor to compare other irrigation ways to enhance 30~70%, the expanded root system in the soil distribution, the production increase effect is remarkable, in the tomato planter application, may enable the yield per mu especially to amount to the 13~15 ton equally, but the same year recouped the outlay of capital the cost, reduced the labor force and the agriculture greatly irrigates the facility the investment, will save water the development tendency on behalf of the future agriculture.。





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